WILD GAME DINNER REFUNDS:  Upon the commencement of normal meetings (face to face) the RRGC Treasurer will have funds to refund all monies you spent on WGD tickets. This will not be done with checks, but with cash, however if during this Coronavirus mess you have a special need contact me and I am sure we can work something out. 

2020 QUALITY TRIP:  The monies paid for the Q-Trip can be transferred over to the 2021 Q-Trip. If you would like to remove your selection the treasurer can refund your monies once meetings resume.

Richard Libby


From the RRGC Secretary, to the RRGC Board;

This month the Board will be holding a meeting via zoom.  You can simply click on the underlined hyperlink to join the meeting AT THE TIME AND DATE SPECIFIED.  Don't click on it beforehand because you will be waiting for a few days...  Those of you who have not done a Zoom meeting, you can either download the app (phones, tables,PC's) and type in the Meeting ID and Password.  or you can simply click and open in-browser.  I suggest those that have not done a zoom meeting do the app and get used to the setup and buttons.  If you need any kind of help, or want to test a meeting with buttons let me know.  I can easily make a quick meeting and send you an invite and walk you through the buttons.  EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE THEIR MICS ON IF THEY PLAN ON SPEAKING...THERE IS A CHAT FEATURE THAT I SUGGEST YOU ALL UTILIZE ALONG WITH THE RAISED HAND FEATURE.  Attached to this email is the meeting agenda that I have (so far)  if you want to add/subtract go ahead on the document or email me real quick and I will do it before the meeting.  Also, Rick Libby has his Excel Sheets done and needs to be looked over before the meeting.  I will send a reminder out on monday as well. 

WILD GAME DINNER: The Board had to decide in the wake of this pandemic if it was safe enough for us to continue with our planned WGD. It was decided in the best interest of all of our members and limited openings for large groups to CANCEL THIS YEARS WGD. As we have not yet begun phase 3-4 of the reopening of Washington, we could not have the amount of people we had planned for, and we would have to somehow figure out the social distancing of 300 guests. It was an extremely hard decision due to the preparation, planning, scheduling and donations. This month the board will decide how best to go forth and refund the tickets. I do know that we will only be refunding tickets that are handed over. So do not lose yours before we set up a time and place to proceed. As soon as the secretary has the details on refunds, she will email them out. There is discussion of an enhanced club picnic this year with some of the prepared food that won’t hold over until next year being on the menu. Just remember that if you lose your ticket, we cannot refund you.

Before this ridiculous overreaction to a virus, the Richland Rod and Gun Club used to meet at the Richland Public Library 955 Northgate Dr, Richland, WA 99352, on the first non-holiday Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM, except July and August. The meetings were open to the public and consisted of a short business meeting followed by a program of current interest.

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Richland Rod and Gun Club is a 501(c)(3)  Tax Exempt Organization. Donations made to Richland Rod and Gun Club are tax-deductible.

TIN 91-0402650       EIN 91-6054980

Our Pledge: I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country; it's air, soils and minerals; it's forests, waters, and wildlife.  I will help educate future generations to be responsible caretakers of the resources of America.


Richland Rod & Gun Club is an organized group of hunters, fishermen, and conservationists who share a common interest in the outdoors. Each year the Club members volunteer in a number of work projects that improve wildlife habitat, educate young potential hunters / fisherman, and raise funds for Club projects.


The RICHLAND ROD & GUN CLUB meets the first non holiday Tuesday of each month except July and August at 7:00 at the Richland Public Library.

The meetings are open to the public and consist of a short business meeting followed by a program of current interest.

Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday at 7:00 at Griggs hunter education facility in Pasco.


Membership in the Richland Rod & Gun Club can be obtained by filling out an application and mailing it, with your dues for one year, to:



P. 0. BOX 337


Or, give the completed application to any Club Member

Get Involved

The Richland Rod and Gun Club offers opportunities to work in activities associated with wildlife and the outdoors. We would like to work with you on projects or programs in the following areas. Hunter Education, Fishing, Dog Training, Scholarship, Public Lands, Youth Activities, Migratory Waterfowl, Habitat, Game Birds, Big Game , Landowner Relations, Newsletter.

Any contributions, suggestions, or criticism to the RRGC website should be emailed to, admin@richlandrodandgun.org

Forwarding from our friends at the McNary and Umatilla NWR

I hope you are doing well and staying safe! I just wanted to send out our updated check station procedures in case some of your members have questions or concerns. Please share! 


As the waterfowl hunting season quickly approaches, please review the following updates at the McNary NWR Headquarters Unit and Umatilla NWR McCormack Unit and associated Hunter Check Stations. These changes are in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and will allow us to adhere to federal, state, and local public health authority guidance. Public safety is the driving force behind our actions as we endeavor to ensure a safe hunting season.  

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant blinds will only be issued to hunters with a disability. Three additional guests are permitted.  

  • The Hunter Check Stations will close at 8:00 a.m. and will not reopen to issue new blinds or to allow morning hunters to switch blinds. Afternoon hunting will remain open for individuals who stay in their assigned blinds, and upland hunters. Waterfowl hunters will continue to have access to the first-come first-served blinds and free roam opportunities on other units subject to the regulations for each unit. See the individual unit Tear Sheets for more information. 

  • One hunter per party will choose a blind from the Check Station Attendant and pay for all members of the party. All other hunters will remain in their vehicles and will not need to provide identification to the check station attendant.  

  • Checks or exact change ONLY. No change will be issued at the Hunter Check Station. Fees will be placed in a fee collection box.  

  • The lottery winners and standby representatives will form two separate lines, clearly marked at the check station. Lottery draw winners will move through the line in order when called by the Check Station Attendant. The standby representative will place their name on the standby list and wait to be called by the Check Station Attendant after all lottery winners have been issued blinds. 

  • Hunters will fill out their own permit card with the names of everyone in their party and the Check Station Attendant will stamp the permit card.  

  • There will not be a volunteer supported blind brush-up day this season.  

Adherence to these changes will allow FWS to follow state guidelines and continue to offer a high-quality waterfowl hunt for the public. We will continue to monitor the current state and county regulations, and CDC guidance regarding COVID-19. We may adjust waterfowl hunt procedures as necessary to stay in compliance with any updated guidance. 

We encourage all visitors to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by following routine precautions, including washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Hunters must wear a face covering when interacting with the Check Station Attendant, and when you cannot maintain six feet of physical distance from others. Visit only if you are feeling healthy, and stay home if you are sick or showing any symptoms such as fever, cough, or fatigue.   

I look forward to a safe and successful hunting season.  


Denise McInturff

Visitor Services Manager

Mid-Columbia River NWR Complex

64 Maple Street

Burbank, WA 99323


Richland, WA         (509) 551-9066

Kennewick, WA      (509) 551-6785

Pasco, WA

Tri-Cities, WA           RRGC.org

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