May 2021, Volume 76 No.6

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General Meeting – June 1st at Howard Amon Park
Board Meeting- June 15th 7:00 PM, Griggs Pasco meeting facility
June Newsletter Deadline is June 22nd email:

Elected Officers


Richard Sharp, President (509) 551-6785

Dustin Ney, Vice-President (509)713-0766 

Richard Libby, Treasurer (509)947-0498

Carla Boeringa, Secretary (509)375-7791

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RRGC 4th Annual Catfish Challenge June 19th
Save the Date! Don't miss the 4th annual Richland Rod and Gun Club Catfish Challenge! The event will be held on the banks of the Yakima River at the Cummings River house. The address is 73534 North Pederson Rd. West Richland Washington 99353. Fishing will start at 3:30 Friday afternoon on June 18th. Come early if you would like to fish the bank there, first come first serve, or float the river to the house!
The weigh-in will start at 3 o'clock to be followed shortly by the best potluck dinner the Columbia basin has to offer. Richard Sharp will be cooking Catfish several different ways including his famous Cajun Blackened Catfish and Matt will be BBQing 4 whole chickens and frying homemade french fries.
If your last name starts between A and M please bring a dessert, if between N and Z please bring a salad. Bring your own preferred beverage there will be plenty of bottled water.

June 1st General membership meeting IN PERSON at Howard Amon Park, 7PM
Our general meeting for June 1st will be held at Howard Amon Park north of Lee Boulevard, in the area where the salmon booth is located for Art in the Park. Bring your own chair and prepare to enjoy getting together. Our guest speaker this month will be Wade Ralston who will be providing information about sockeye, shad and summer king salmon angling in the Columbia River.


Richland Rod & Gun Club is an organized group of hunters, fishermen, and conservationists who share a common interest in the outdoors. Each year the Club members volunteer in a number of work projects that improve wildlife habitat, educate young potential hunters / fisherman, and raise funds for Club projects.


The RICHLAND ROD & GUN CLUB meets the first non holiday Tuesday of each month except July and August at 7:00

The meetings are open to the public and consist of a short business meeting followed by a program of current interest.

Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday at 7:00 at Griggs Pasco meeting facility.


Membership in the Richland Rod & Gun Club can be obtained by filling out an application and paying your annual dues here.


The Richland Rod and Gun Club offers opportunities to work in activities associated with wildlife, the outdoors and youth education. We would appreciate your involvement with one of our projects or programs that include, Fishing, Dog Training, Scholarship, Public Lands, Youth Activities, Migratory Waterfowl, Habitat, Game Birds, Big Game , Landowner Relations.

Content contributions, suggestions, or criticism to the RRGC website should be emailed to,

The Catfish Challenge Rules:
There is no cost to participate in the challenge. To enter all that is needed is to confirm at least 24-
hours before the official weigh-in time at 3pm on June 19th (by text please) with either Richard
Sharp (509) 551-6785 or Matt Cummings (509) 948-4905 that you are fishing in the catfish
challenge. You can catch a catfish anywhere you would like in the Columbia basin. Your fish must
be at the weigh-in by 3pm Saturday June 19th to be eligible. The prize: An exuberant round of
applause from the best-looking crowd for miles and a front and center picture on the Richland Rod
and Gun Club's Facebook page indicating you are the best catfish slayer in the land!

White sturgeon fishery to open
on Lake Roosevelt

Effective date: Open 7 days per week beginning June 12, 2021, until further notice.
Location: From Grand Coulee Dam to China Bend Boat Ramp (including the Spokane River from Highway 25 Bridge upstream to 400’ below Little Falls Dam, Colville River upstream to Meyers Falls Dam and the Kettle River upstream to Barstow Bridge)
Fishery Rules: Daily Limit 1 sturgeon. Annual Limit 2 sturgeon. It is legal to retain sturgeon between 50 inches and 63 inches fork length. Fork length is measured from the tip of the snout to middle of the fork in the caudal fin (tail). All harvested sturgeon must be recorded on a Catch Record Card (Catch Code 549). Twopole fishing is allowed. Closed to night fishing. Anglers may continue to catch and release after obtaining a daily limit but must cease fishing after the annual limit has been taken. All other statewide rules for white sturgeon must be observed.

General Meeting May 4th:
Water Safety Presentation

Jason Brustad gave an excellent
presentation on water safety. A few of the
high lights were: Be sure to make a check
list of safety equipment you need to have
or should have on the boat such as plenty
of PFD's, a first aid kit, flares and a basic
tool kit. Be aware of the conditions you
are going to be in such as a river with a
substantial current and what the weather
is going to be like. We all can get
complacent at times about safety, Jason’s
presentation was a good reminder that
we do need to stay vigilant!


Outdoor Photo Contest Guidelines

  • Must be taken in current license year.

  • May include hunting, fishing, habitat, camping.

  • Must include a critter (human or wild).

  • Harvested game must include the hunter or angler.

  • Winners will be selected by the Board of Directors.

  • All photos become property of the Club.

  • Note: The Board may use discretion in applying the guidelines when selecting the winning photo.

  • Please include name of photographer and date taken.

Wood Duck Project - We have a lot of
nesting wood ducks currently. Our in-box
cameras have captured 6 of the
hatches/jumps and the links to the
recorded events can be found
at or do a
search on YouTube for "RRGC Wood Duck
Project." These are also the spots where
you can find the LIVE streaming video of
the 4 different YouTube channels. We
will continue to try to find new boxes
with nesting hens until the end of the
nesting season about the end of June.
We received approval for our ALEA Grant
for the Wood Duck Project over the next
2-years. The funding cover costs
associated with maintenance of the 500
plus nest boxes we
maintain. Additionally, we have some
funds included for mini-GPS units to track
a couple of hens.
Salmon Booth - The Salmon Booth and
Art in the Park are currently a GO for
2021. Booth set-up and Fish Prep will be
Thursday July 22nd. The booth will serve
sandwiches this year due to COVID
restrictions on July 23rd and
24th. Volunteers are needed for shifts on
all three days. CBFC will be again helping
provide volunteers and sharing the
profits as we have done for ~30 years. A
sign-up for the volunteers is available at
the CBFC website then
click on "VOLUNTEER." If you have
trouble or no internet call Dale Schielke at
375-0183 to volunteer.

Photo of the Month contest is open to
ALL RRGC members!

Throw Back Photo!
Howard Gardner March 1999 awards at
the Wild Game Dinner.


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Yakima River Sockeye Migration Study Hi everyone, WDFW is working with the US Bureau of Reclamation, US Geological Survey, and the Yakama Nation Fisheries to continue the research started in 2019 evaluating water temperature effects on adult sockeye migration in the Yakima River. We are building on the information we have learned over the past two years. This has been a very successful study due in large part to the assistance of local anglers to capture sockeye. The 2019 report is attached, and the 2020 report is nearing completion. This year we would like to follow up with an additional year of tagging adult sockeye in the Bateman Island area and we are once again relying on the expertise and assistance of our local anglers. Fish would be collected by hook and line, transferred to the tagging boat, and released alive back to the river at Bateman Island. We will monitor sockeye movements through the PIT tag arrays located in the Yakima and Columbia Rivers. This year we plan to tag sockeye three days during the peak of the run Wednesday, June 23, Friday, July 9, Friday July 23. Similar to the past two years we would fish from 5:00am -11:00am each day. We will be

fishing the Bateman Island area (I-182 bridge downstream to Carpet Island) to increase the proportion of Yakima River bound sockeye that are caught and tagged. WDFW is working through this year's summer salmon regulations so I am not sure at this point if this area would be open to all anglers. I would like to register five boats for each day of fishing, 10 boats maximum. As each of you would be returning anglers and have illustrated your ability to catch fish we welcome you back and offer you the first opportunity to assist with the study. New this year, we would like to add a biologist to as many boats as possible to assist with the fishing. Please indicate if you could accommodate us. There will be a tagging vessel and a WDFW shuttle boat on the water each day to collect and tag the fish as they come on board. Similar to the King of the Reach project, anglers will need to register online with the WDFW volunteer program. Many of you are already registered as WDFW volunteers and have completed the volunteer training. In which case you will just need to register for the Sockeye Project. I will provide you with a registration code. Please have all anglers register with WDFW. Any new anglers that have not registered with the WDFW Volunteer Program can contact me and I can walk them through the process. We may be continuing to follow the WDFW/State employee/volunteer daily COVID registration protocols wherein you would need to drop off your COVID attestation forms each morning prior to fishing. Each boat captain will need to check in and out each day with a text message to me. Really simple process. Please contact me to register your boat and anglers if you can assist us on this project; or if you have any questions. As always, we greatly appreciate your help.
Thanks everyone,
Paul Hoffarth, WDFW.