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Biggest Hunter Education Class

The third hunter ed class was completed the week of 9/26/22 with 24 students passing the test and range day. There were five days of classroom and one day of testing and range exercises. All students were put through five (5) different “stations” at the range. First is a field exercise which involves carrying a firearm while going though different types of habitat, crossing through fences, and crossing different obstacles while going through all this with several other hunter on either side of them. Next, they moved over to the archery station where they were taught to follow a blood trail and shoot a Genesis bow. Next, they moved over to the .223 cal. shooting stand and shot a metallic gongs at 50 yards. When they finished, they moved over to the .22 cal. station and shot at metallic gongs. They finished the last station at the 20 ga. Shotgun station where they shot at clay birds. Everybody did very well and completed the ranged day program in about 2 hours.

This was the largest hunter ed class we had this year. The previous two classes put together were about the size of this class. At the end each participant was given an appreciation bag that contained several items: 1) a pair of ear protection, 2) a gun lock,3) a chamber indicator 4) a RR&GC membership application 5) a RR&GC ball point pen that is inscribed with our name and “Turn in a Poacher” and the phone number for reporting poachers.

Several instructors and volunteers participated in giving some of the classes and working at the range. Those involved this class were Don Board, Dave Myers, Brian Fulton of WA Fish and Wildlife enforcement, John Prather, John Drewrey, Greg Herrin, and Jack Pickard. These gentlemen are to be commended for giving freely of their time to assist in this class.

Ron Ruth

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