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Guzzler #6

Boy scout Zackary Nelson and his crew of helpers left to right Greg Herrin, Duncan Gill, Zackary, Bill Nelson, Sam Payne, Aidan Conklin, Greg Payne, Brody Gill, Lori Nelson, not pictured Larry Martin. Zackary took this job as an Eagle Scout project. This was an extremely tough guzzler refurbish. All materials and equipment were hand carried 3/10 mile up a canyon off Weber Canyon road (too rough for 4 wheeler). The burned fiberglass tank had to be dug out, the extremely rocky soil had sluffed off down against the tank and digging post holes was bleeping tough. In addition all the old damaged guzzler materials were hauled down the canyon and taken to BDI Disposal. The next day 4 of the crew went back up and restrung the fence replacing the burned off wood posts with steel T-posts and hauled out the remaining damaged parts.

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