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Guzzler maintenance

CONSERVATION /HABITAT : Larry Martin and his band of volunteers have been extremely in late March and through the month of April. Larry’s work diary is as follows;

1. March 27, Dave Myers and Larry Martin inspected and cleaned guzzlers 158, 160, 161 and 184. 3 of the 4 need new rain catchment aprons.

2. March 28, Gene Van Liew and Larry Martin assembled 3 rain catchment aprons for future guzzler repairs.

3. April 2. Don Smith and Larry Martin inspected and cleaned guzzler 4, repaired the fence by installing three new fence posts.

4. April 21, Larry Martin set up a trail camera at guzzler 253, then inspected and cleand guzzlers 206, 207, and 254

5. April 23, Greg Herrin and Larry Martin replace the rain catchment aprons on guzzler 184, also repaired the surrounding fence for the guzzler and habitat area. The habitat plot with

shrubs and trees were planted 25 to 30 years ago.

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