Guzzler water collection for wildlife continues during winter in spite of Covid-19

12-29-21 Jack Pickard and Larry Martin picked up guzzler tank from WDFW Windmill Ranch and delivered to Alan Hamilton's property for upcoming installation.

1-7-21 Gene Van Liew and Larry Martin assembled rain catchment frames and prepped metal legs for upcoming guzzler #313 installation.

1-9-21 Alan Hamilton and his son Paul picked a good location on their property and installed the tank for guzzler #313. That's a lot of work digging a hole that size.

Left to right Larry Martin, Jack Pickard, Greg Herrin, Dale Schielke.

1-11-21 Greg Herrin, Jack Pickard, Dale Schielke & Larry Martin took out guzzler 126 from Anderson's property and used parts of it to refurbish fire damaged guzzler 307 also on their property. Anderson's wanted 126 removed due to crop change. We were all kind of surprised the job went so fast considering all we had to do. To drain the water out of guzzler 126 we used a garden hose siphon, a pump driven by a battery operated drill and buckets. Guzzler 307 is south of Kennewick near Owen's road.

Jack Pickard won the Greg Herrin painted and signed perch pattern lure.

We are finding places to re-install guzzlers that are remove due to crop change. This one is on Alan Hamilton's property southeast of Benton City.

Left to right lower Jack Pickard, Todd Hennick, Danielle Frum, Alan Hamilton, standing Larry Martin, Greg Herrin.

1-22-21 Jack Pickard, Greg Herrin, Todd Hennick, Alan Hamilton, Danielle Frum and Larry Martin installed the Rain catchment for guzzler #313. It was pretty cold and there was snow on the ground but we got it done and had fun. Alan sent me a note later saying he was very happy to have the guzzler on his property. Guzzler #313 installation crew decided to give the Greg Herrin painted and signed fishing lure to land owners Alan and Danielle.

Thanks Greg for donating these beautiful lures.

Last few screws going into rain catchment apron guzzler #313

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