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RRGC Catfish challenge

The RRGC Catfish challenge is on the books?

Winners are?

1. Tyler Davis with big fish of 8.2 lbs /. total 43.7 lbs

2.. Oj Davis with big fish 5.7. Total 18.9

3.. Chyanne king with big fish 5.1/5.1.

4. Pete Workman with big fish 4.5/4.5

5. Larry Martin big fish 1.0/1.0 lbs!

Disqualified participants: (late to scale)

Richard Sharp with 9.7 lbs big fish, total 160.6 lbs.

Michael Aldinger with big fish 13.0 lbs and 155.9 total!

Others did not return to scale???

Special recognition goes to Matt and Connie Cummings for providing a spectacular location for this event! ( right on the river) winning fish was caught on location

This was another great event sponsored by the RRGC! All members are welcome to attend! Special thanks to Dale Schielke for acquiring all the materials and the coveted Dutch oven cherry cobbler! Special Thanks to Michael Aldinger , Tyler Davis, Oj Davis, Ron Moore, Richard sharp,and Todd Hennick with fish cleaning chores! 35 lbs of fresh catfish were prepared by Richard sharp, Packy Lacky as deep fried, and blackened to be accompanied with Ron Lucas’s ( the French fry man) famous Fries! There was a vast smorgasbord of potluck dishes to be had and the RRGC thanks all that participated!

A great event and nobody left hungry!

Read your bulletin for upcoming events!

Thank you to all that participated!

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