Salmon Education

May 31 Mike Estes dissected two salmon for the fourth grade students at Canyon View Elementary in Kennewick. I thought you might be interested in seeing a few of my photos. Students and teachers were equally surprised when the large snarly-toothed fish turned out to be the female and the smaller Fair-looking fish was the male. I had already warned them that size isn't always a good indicator due to different age classes of spawning salmon. Lots of touching and blood covered hands at this session.

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WDFW Directors Bulletin

Dear Richland Rod and Gun Club, I wanted to share the newest WDFW Director’s Bulletin with you as part of our continuing effort to keep you informed about the agency. The bulletin details current news

Use of Funds.

Again this year (2021) the RRGC will be donation to several agencies. Approved list and amounts below: Coastal Conservation Alliance - $250.00 Columbia Dive Rescue - $300.00 Delta Waterfowl

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