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Spider weights/wire weights

Richard Sharp

When the current is strong and you are trying to anchor your baits straight out from the bank you need something that hooks up quickly and doesn’t roll through other fisherman’s lines! Bring on the spider weight! These systems work wonders! They anchor quickly and with a steady pull the wire bends and releases the weight for retrieval or when a fish strikes? Problem is manufactured weights run $6.99+ to purchase and pouring your own requires lead, molds,melting apparatus!?

Here is something easy and cheap?

All you need is metal coat hangers, 8oz snow cone cups $4.99 /100 , 50 lb sack of concrete $5.49/ bag !

Here’s how?

Make a cone holder? Can with dirt in it!

Snip cup end off and place in indent made with thumb! Lol!

cut and bend wires as shown?

Place wires as shown in cup!

Mix cement and spoon into cup!

3/4 cup is about 12 oz, adjust to your liking and needs? Center wires and let set up! Remove cup after 12 hours! Let cure! Bend wires as shown and you are in business!

Benefits! $.25 each?? Cheap enough to give the guy with spark plugs or cannonballs casting upstream and rolling into your set up one!

Eco friendly!

Save your lead for good things!

Tight lines!

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