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Wood Duck Nesting Project

Wood Duck Project - Volunteers have been busy with annual maintenance on the 515 RRGC wood duck nest boxes in the Tri-Cities area. As of February 17th, 57.5 % of the boxes had been checked , documented usage from last nesting, old nesting material removed, and fresh nesting wood shaving installed. In some cases, repairs are made or new side access doors installed. The shorter poles and side access doors have allowed volunteers to complete more boxes per day and will expedite nesting checks and hen banding in May and June. Boxes remaining to be checked, as weather allows, are boxes checked with a boat on the Yakima River from Benton City to the mouth plus Sunnyside/Grandview and a few at Barker Ranch. COVID restrictions have limited volunteer involvement, but individuals that are interested can contact Dale Schielke 375-0183. Thanks to recent volunteers John Merk, Blaine Schwartz, Mark Kerns, Mac Ryan, and Dale Schielke.

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