Wood Duck Project Live Streaming

Live streaming video from inside a wood duck nest boxes near West Richland WA. The RRGC manages over 475 nesting boxes in the Tri-Cities area. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCliP_v2o0TCPrS8aa-3b8rw This link shows all the RRGC YouTube cameras.

https://youtu.be/huMYlukK7YM Box 367 with Hen 33432 sitting on 21 eggs

https://youtu.be/4JXFzvXBlUICH01 & CH02 Box 393 hen 14701 sitting on 15 eggs; CH03 Box 493 hen 22691 sitting on 21 eggs; CH04 Box 494 hen30156 sitting on ~20 eggs

https://youtu.be/u750Y8OU_4E Box 528 with Screech Owl sitting on 4 eggs

https://youtu.be/cRsICCYaoKw Box 517 hen 34691 sitting on 22 eggs

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