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RRGC Hunting and Fishing Quality Trips

Quality Trip

Each year the Club sponsors a drawing for a quality hunting or fishing trip and the winner plans the trip, decides what type of game or fish will be taken, where the trip will take place and when the trip will be scheduled during the year of award. 

Each year the Club holds a drawing to determine the winner of the Quality Trip and contributes $2000 to cover the expenses for the trip.  For more information about the Quality Trip please review the Quality Trip Rules and look at member trips that have been taken.  The winner must present a program, describing their Quality Trip, at a General Meeting of the membership in February or March prior to the next RRGC Wild Game Dinner. Also, the winner must provide a written summary of the completed trip, including logistical details such as travel distances and costs, lodging details and expenses, guide expenses and license costs, name & addresses of lodging & guides, photos and other details.


Kirby and Richard's Quality Trip 2018. This trip was taken on the west coast of the state of Washington for the purpose of fishing and crabbing. Over one week period we travelled over 1100 miles exploring the coastline for fishing spots and generally had a good time finding neat places we haven't been before. From sucking up ghost shrimp to fishing to crabbing we did the whole thing while eating some mighty fine meals of what we caught. Our three main stops were Neah Bay, La Push and Westport. A detail report of our trip will be presented  to the Richland Rod and Gun Club in the near future....

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