RRGC Hunting and Fishing Quality Trips

Quality Trip

Each year the Club sponsors a drawing for a quality hunting or fishing trip and the winner plans the trip, decides what type of game or fish will be taken, where the trip will take place and when the trip will be scheduled during the year of award.  The Quality Trip rules and brief descriptions of previous Club member trips can be seen by clicking on Quality Trips.

Each year the Club holds a drawing to determine the winner of the Quality Trip and contributes $2000 to cover the expenses for the trip.  For more information about the Quality Trip please review the Quality Trip Rules and look at member trips that have been taken.  The winner must present a program, describing their Quality Trip, at a General Meeting of the membership in February or March prior to the next RRGC Wild Game Dinner. Also, the winner must provide a written summary of the completed trip, including logistical details such as travel distances and costs, lodging details and expenses, guide expenses and license costs, name & addresses of lodging & guides, photos and other details.


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Kirby and Richard's Quality Trip 2018. This trip was taken on the west coast of the state of Washington for the purpose of fishing and crabbing. Over one week period we travelled over 1100 miles exploring the coastline for fishing spots and generally had a good time finding neat places we haven't been before. From sucking up ghost shrimp to fishing to crabbing we did the whole thing while eating some mighty fine meals of what we caught. Our three main stops were Neah Bay, La Push and Westport. A detail report of our trip will be presented  to the Richland Rod and Gun Club in the near future....

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QUALITY TRIP                          Kirby and Richard                           2018

DATE                              ITEM                                                  $

07-12-18                            Gas                                               66.34



07-15-18                           Breakfast                                     29.39                   289.48

 Neah Bay                        Gas                                                 26.35

                                           Gas                                                69.00

                                           Motel 2 nights                          130.00

                                           Makah Tribe use Permit           10.00

                                           Groceries                                      10.79

                                           Groceries                                      13.95


07-16-18                          Boat   K'OO                                 300.00                     386.00

Neah Bay                         Captains tip                                 50.00

                                           Fishing cleaning                          20.00

                                           Ice                                                    6.00

                                           Potatoes Chips                            10.00


07-17-17                          Breakfast                                       27.45                     360.19

N.B. to La Push              Gas                                                  52.00

                                          Lunch                                              30.00

                                          Motel                                            250.74


07-18-18                         Breakfast                                        26.00                    504.53

L. P. to Westport          Gas                                                   61.00

                                         Lunch                                               40.13

              Motel (3 nights)                                                      377.40


07-19-18                        Breakfast                                         39.65                       83.85

Westport                       Dinner                                              44.20


07-20-18                        Breakfast                                         30.00                      75.25

Westport                       Dinner                                              45.25


07-21-18                       Breakfast                                          32.50                    116.50

Westport - Home                Gas                                           84.00            


 08-02-18                              Gas                                            50.16


                                                             sub total                 1949.96



K crab Endorsement  8.25

R crab Endorsement   8.25

motor oil 5.32

ice  8.12

Crab tackle  42.43

Shark tackle  12.15

Bait (2 days)  14.52


>  50.00


                                                                                              over $2,000.00


2017 Quality Trip Report    -    Pat Hallett won the 2017 Quality Trip and Leon Kollman was his partner.

 After a long search and discussions we decided on a trip to Alaska for some halibut and salmon fishing. I

have a friend who grew up with a guy that  thirty-five years ago started a fishing lodge in Petersburg, Alaska so he was a good first point of contact.  Unfortunately, he was already booked for the year but he recommended two other guides and told me that if I could not book with one of them then to try a third guide in Juneau.

We got lucky and booked with Dan of Secret Cove Charters in Petersburg.  Dan only had one four day booking left when we booked our trip with him.  Dan was awesome.  It was like we knew him for a long time and he was so easy going and just a pleasure to be with. Our trip started on July 28 when Leon and I met at SeaTac airport for the flight to Petersburg.  I went through a very thorough TSA inspection (I don't know why they picked on me) but got through it.  We departed SeaTac about 7:25 am and arrived in Petersburg just after 3:00 pm local time (noon PDT).  We went into a pizza joint for lunch.  When we came out the air was consumed by a strong fish smell that would  make you say "Wow", or something worse.  A light wind came up and, thankfully, the smell disappeared.  Petersburg is a commercial fishing town and when the big boats come in to off load, it is good to have a strong stomach.  We walked through town and then down to the boat.  The boat we will be fishing on is a 28' aluminum with twin 300 horsepower Yamaha outboard engines.  We returned to our room at Scandia House Hotel.  (Scandia House is one of only two hotels in Petersburg on TripAdvisor.)

July 29 - our first day of fishing.  There were two gals on the boat with us who had never fished before.  We ran about 30 miles out of  port and anchored in 355 feet of water and dropped our lines.  One gal had said all she wanted was for her friend to catch a halibut but when she hooked into the first halibut she was not passing the rod to her friend.  Same story on the second halibut.  (Yes, she hooked the first two fish).   Smaller halibut could be released until we caught a fish close to the 44" or less size restriction.  The boat captain was intent on us being happy rather than on quickly filling our limits.  We caught our two fish limits of halibut and still had plenty of time left to fish for pink and silver salmon.  The limit is six silvers a day.  We did not catch our limits but we caught a bunch.  We fished for salmon much closer to shore, around the islands.

July 30.  Leon and I had the boat all to ourselves on our second day out.  It was a rainy,  windy, and a little rough, but not bad.  It hadn't rained yesterday.  The weather change made it too rough to fish for halibut.  It was about a 30 mile run out of Petersburg to where we fished for halibut yesterday.  We fished for salmon and caught our limits of silvers weighing between 4 and 10 pounds plus a few pinks.


August 1 - our third day of fishing and the weather was very nice.  No clouds, no wind, and the water was flat.   Leon and I were the only fishermen on the boat again today.  Just a great day that went by too fast.  The routine was to fish for halibut first and then go after our salmon. We limited on halibut and silver salmon.  When we arrived at the dock the captain called Coastal Cold Storage (as he has done each day) and they brought down a cart and took our fish to be processed.  They fillet, flash freeze, divide the fish into meal sized portions, and vacuum pack.  The fish will be ready for us to take home.

August 2 was our final day of fishing.  We fly back to Seattle this afternoon.  Two of the captain's relatives from Oregon were on the boat with us today.  They were nice people and were fun to be with.  Again, we caught our limits and had a great time.  The weather was beautiful.  Only one foul weather day of fishing on our trip.

Alaska Airlines allows up to two boxes of fish per passenger.  Boxes can weigh up to 50 pounds and the transport charge is $25 per box.  Additional fish boxes are allowed but the price

per box jumps to $75.  Leon and I each brought back 97 pounds of halibut and salmon.  

Coastal Cold Storage did a great job with our fish.  All we had to do was pick them up and head to the airport, but it is not inexpensive.  Leon and I paid a total of $800 for fish processing and storage.  Another frustration is that we were not allowed to keep halibut over 44".  If you are not fishing on a charter boat, you can keep two halibut of any size (think 100 pound or bigger fish).  We still had plenty of fish to bring back but it isn't clear why Alaska would restrict non-resident fishermen who bring a lot of money to their state and small fishing communities.